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The team at The Veranda is dedicated to a great customer experience. We have a diverse combination of different skill sets to accommodate many different types of events. Casey Johnson has successfully managed 4 different companies over the past 12 years. Carrie Johnson and her mother Sue Thiede have been decorating for weddings and events at The Veranda and other event halls for the past 10 years; they also owned and operated The Cookie Jar for 7 years. Dan Thiede has just retired from his agriculture career of 30 years.

Our mission is to expand our customer base and bring more events to Medford. Although we specialize in weddings, The Veranda is perfect for meetings, training, shows, and everything in between.

Meet The Team

Casey and Carrie Johnson


Their wedding and reception were held at The Veranda in 2005. Carrie started decorating for The Veranda and various other places since that time while Casey was managing production facilities.

Dan and Sue Thiede

Family, Support

Dan and Sue are both no strangers at owning their own business. Sue has been decorating for weddings and events since 2005 and worked for The Flower Gallery for 20 years previous. Although Dan worked for himself and others the past 30 years in agriculture, he secretly likes decorating too.



The bartenders are an integral part of the success of each event. They are the glue that keeps everything together (so please tip well).